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Patient Success Stories

We moved here in 1976 and my husband Jim started seeing Dr. Ann to help him through the long periods in bed due to his cancer. I started seeing Dr. Ann for neck problems, then leg and back problems. Dr. Ann has helped me through all that and I am still seeing Dr. Ann for muscle spasms, problems with my hand and maintenance care. I was diagnosed with arthritis and she has helped relieve that pain with her cold lazer treatments. - Virgie Gwaltney

Dr. Ann has been there for me since Day 1. I began having lower back problems about 20 years ago. Dr. Ann took the time to listen to my symptoms, carefully assess my problems and made me feel 100% better. Wow was I surprised. I never thought I would get better so fast. You can't beat service like that. I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor for my lower back problems but Dr. Ann was terrific. She was able to relieve my pain which enabled me to enjoy playing tennis and golf again. I have found the chiropractor who is simply the best. Dr. Ann knows her stuff. - Daryl Roberts

Grace_1.jpgFrom my first visit to see Dr. Ann, it was evident to me that she has a heart for God and for people. Her compassion shows in her touch and her manner. Over the course of time, Dr. Ann has treated me for neck and back pain, arm pain, and a variety of physical training challenges, both spiritual and physiological. With a lot of divine intervention and Dr. Ann's treatment, I was able to complete the 2009 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon! As a marathoner herself, I found Dr. Ann's experience and expertise invaluable. I am so grateful for the help she has given me physically, but more than that, I am grateful for the gift of another sister in Christ! - Grace Smith

Cathie_Boren.jpgI have been seeing Dr. Ann Horstmann once a week for nearly three years. I struggle with the agonizing pain of sciatica, and also have frequent sinus problems. Ann addresses both issues at each visit, and is quickly able to discern what treatment(s) will best get me back on my feet and free of pain. Not only do I feel better physically when I leave Dr. Ann's clinic;I feel better spiritually as well. Dr. Ann's knowledge of the Lord, along with her joyful spirit and her own inner strength add tremendously to the feeling of overall well-being she seeks for each patient. I always leave the clinic refreshed, free of pain, and with a renewed sense of God's love for me. - Cathie Boren Sevierville, TN

Wayne_and_Webster_Hartzog.jpgDr. Ann Horstmann saved my life! When I arrived for my first visit, Dr. Ann and I had a consultation concerning my symptoms, she done an exam and took x-rays. After reading my x-rays, Dr. Ann called me to her office and said you need to see your primary physician immediately, your x-rays show you have cancer. I had no idea, I went straight to the doctor, underwent cancer treatments and I don't have cancer anymore. I still come to Dr. Ann for chiropractic treatment. I am so glad God brought me to her door. - Webster Hartzog

I have tried several Chiropractors in the past 30 to 40 years, none of whom were able to diagnose any of the underlying problems with my neck and back area, the most recent being the loss of use of my left hand. Since coming to Dr. Ann, who diagnosed the condition, I have benefited greatly in gaining the use of my hand, along with physical thereapy, without the need for surgery, which three neurologists have recommended. I appreciate Dr. Ann correctly diagnosing my Dad, Webster Hartzog, through his ordeal. Dr. Ann has restored my faith in the Chiropractic service. - Wayne Hartzog

Joe_Dodgen.jpgI have been seeing Dr. Ann for approximately 20 years. It started with back problems, I couldn't go up and down the steps and lost the use of one of my legs for a short period of time. In 1979 I was told by a specialist I would never do another days work. Dr. Ann treated me with Chiropractic and I am back in good shape, going up and down the steps every day with full use of both legs. Then I had migraine headaches for the last 30 years. Dr. Ann diagnosed me with an arthritic spur on my spine which led to the headaches. Dr. Ann treated that and they are all gone. I don't have to take prescription drugs any more. As far as the sinus headache, she dianosed my sinus problems and I haven't even had a cold in 4 years. I play golf on a regular basis, at least 4 times per week, which I would not be able to do if I didn't see Dr. Ann regularly. I recommend her to all my friends, relatives, and employees. - Joe Dodgen

We were on vacation when my wife Sue's back went out and we knew no one in the area. The Lord led us to Dr. Ann who took a patient that she probably would never see again and graciously accepted her and healed her. A vacaton that started out catastrophically ended being one of the best we have ever had. I have heard of holistic treatment, but Dr. Ann's treatment of body and mind was really something to behold. From Connie's greeting to our final "goodby" it was a real pleasure to meet good Christian folks and be treated as friends. - Ron & Sue West

There is not words to express my gratitude to Dr. Ann for being there for me this past week. It is amazing the things "God" goes out of his way to do to let you know, no matter how alone, you feel you are always in his company. Even though I hurt terribly bad I know he will not leave me. My back is much better even with the drive home (I live out of state). If Dr. Ann and her son, Will ever need to get away, Alabama is a pretty good place to go and my door will always be open to them. Next time I visit the area, I want to go to their church. - Cheryl Pierce

I have been coming to Dr. Horstmann for several years. I first came for the tension in my neck and bad headaches. Since relieving my tension and bad headaches I have continued to be treated for low back pain. She has been treating my rotator cuff injury from a car accident, during which I nearly lost my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Horstmann to align the spine and treat extremities, so please consider Dr. Horstmann before any other medical procedures. - Dale Carr

I was getting massage therapy and accupuncture therapy for my headaches and neck pain due to muscle tension. Finally, I went to Dr. Ann for my neck pain and I feel better with the chiropractor than I do with both massage and acupuncture therapy.

- Holly Doane

I have been a patient of Dr. Ann for the past 20 years. She's treated me through
auto accidents, work injuries, mishaps, and regular back pain. Recently, my medical
doctor diagnosed me with a condition that required surgery. When I told Dr. Ann I was
having the surgery, she treated me with nutrition and herbs. The condition cleared up
and the surgery was cancelled. I'm very grateful to Dr. Ann for her knowledge and her
spiritual support.

- Sue Rolen

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